Books that changed our lives

The Elmira writers (adults and teens) in partnership with the Steele Memorial Library, share books that transformed their lives. Is there a book that has changed the direction of your life?  Which book?  How?



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  1. The Hero With a Thousand Faces, by Joseph Campbell (1949) has had the biggest impact in my life. My introduction to Joseph Campbell came, probably like most people, when The Power of Myth aired on PBS in 1988. I never saw the episodes when they first aired but have watched them several times since. I first read the companion book and that led me to search for The Hero . . .
    The idea that stories from all around the world are similar and that they reflect the human urge to know ourselves through story and myth totally caprtivated me. Then, later in my life I learned that George Lucas was heavily influenced by this book and it led to his creation of Star Wars, all based on the idea of the universal hero cycle style of story. I have read this book several times and plan on reading it some more!

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